Easy Ways to Upcycle Around the House

The world today is somewhat materialistic and consumeristic. This means that we buy a whole lot of stuff that often doesn’t last very long, or serves a single purpose and then left to be discarded. The good news amongst this is that you can upcycle many of these products and given them a second lease on life.


Upcycling, somewhat similar to recycling but with a different outcome, is when you take a product or item and turn it into something new and more productive. Rather than throwing things out, either into the recycling or garbage, upcycling gives you the chance to get creative and eco-friendly.


For the arts and crafts minded, the creative thinkers, and those who are sick of filling up their garbage cans all the time, upcycling is a really fun and enjoyable way to do some DIY project. It gives you a new way of looking at things that you buy and thinking of how products can be used in a long-term way.


Whether it is around the house or in the garden, upcycling can take place in any location. With some of these handy and fun upcycling ideas, you will stop and twice about throwing something out.


Top Upcycle Ideas


Lantern Jars

Whether you have a stack of mason jars or other types of jars, they can be so easily turned into decorative and illuminative lanterns. Simply give the jar a thorough clean out, remove the label, and place some quaint tea lights in the jar. You can hang them easily using string and a hook or place them on the table as a centerpiece. Adding a light coat of paint around the jar or tying some string adds an extra aesthetically pleasing look.


Ruler Clipboard

A staple part of a child’s stationery collection, rulers are handy for elementary school math but not so much after that. Hence, rulers often become discarded and useless. However, you can give thing 30-centimeter wooden delight a new life by turning it into a clipboard. Attach some pegs or paper clips or a binder clip using adhesive glue. Stick them along the ruler, spaced evenly to allow for paper, and then place the ruler somewhere useful. You can even attach magnets to the back of the ruler and stick it on the fridge. Get crafty with this upcycle project and paint the ruler too if you like.


Wine Bottle Vases

Accumulating empty wine bottles is a trend for houses that enjoy a drop of red or white with dinner. There are many nifty ways to upcycle wine bottles. By taking off the labels and painting or decorating with string, wine bottles immediately look gorgeous and elegant. Add some water and a flower bouquet and you have yourself vase. This looks lovely on a mantle, on the table, or even outside.


Toilet Paper Roll Chord Dividers

With so many technological appliances these days, chords and headphones seem to end up everywhere and anywhere. They can be easily stored using a simple cardboard box and some empty toilet paper rolls. Stack a bunch of toilet paper rolls standing upright into a cardboard box so that they can’t move or fall over. Then, you can wrap up each chord needed for the phone charger, camera, or whatever other device and give them each a place. The chords are then more easy to find and don’t get tangled up. Add a hint of creativity by coloring, painting, or decorating the rolls and the box.


Picture Frame Serving Tray

Before tossing out an old picture frame, think of how it can look as a serving tray. Add some decorative and elegant paper under the glass and seal it all up. Then, you can serve tea, coffee, and cakes on a lovely frame. You can spruce up the frame by adding some varnish and new paint color, too.


Suitcases as Side Tables or Bookshelves

If you’ve traveled a lot and have some old suitcases that have seen better days, don’t think that their life is over. Suitcases can look cute as side tables. Adding some legs to it using pillars of wood, you have a dual purpose side table that can store stuff on the inside and a nice lamp on top. Alternatively, you can place a suitcase open on the ground and put some books inside of it. This makes a classy yet retro bookshelf in a really easy way to upcycle.


Cutlery Wall Hook

We’ve all had a knife or spoon or fork that has seen better days. Metal utensils tend to bend over time and one strong scoop of ice cream can bend a spoon for the last time. Once these utensils bend, unbending them can break the integrity of them. So, why not keep them bent and turn them into a hook? Using strong adhesive glue, you can stick them onto a mounting block, the wall in the kitchen, or a cupboard door. Then they become a handy hook for keys, other utensils in the kitchen, or tea towels.


Six Pack Condiment Holder

After purchasing some liquor in a six-pack, you normally throw out the holder, right? Well, think twice next time and upcycle it instead. You can make this look aesthetically pleasing and vibrant by adding some wrapping paper or paint. Cover it nicely and then use it as a condiment holder. These perfectly hold things like a ketchup bottle, mustard bottle, and some knives and forks. It is an ideal thing to have for a picnic or alfresco dining.



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